Sandguardians Episode
"A Message From the Big Boys"
RT Special part 1
Episode no. Special
Airdate September 11, 2011
Running time 3:43

Sandguardians Season 1
November 27, 2011 - April 21, 2012

  1. Welcome to Sandbox!
  2. It Came From Above
  3. Did I Do That?
  4. The Mysterious Beyond
  5. Maintenance
  6. Beyond the Mysterious Beyond
  7. Reese's Pieces
  8. Manual Labor
  9. Strange Encounters
  10. Exposition
  11. The Guy in White
  12. Another One Down
  13. Planning Ahead
  14. Insult and Injury
  15. War Machine
  16. Go, Go, Go!

A Message From the Big Boys is a special episode of Sandguardians and the first installment of the Sandguardians: Rooster Teeth Special.


Dax tells Ichabod about the amazing machinima "Red vs. Blue".


Blue TeamEdit



  • This is the first episode of Sandguardians to excessively break the fourth wall, referencing things like Chef Ramsey, Rooster Teeth and its employees, and Red vs. Blue.
  • Ichabod references one of Rooster Teeth's most famous gags, "cock bite": "Those cock biting rip-offs!" Dax also references the "puma" gag from Red vs. Blue, in which Icky replies that the warthog looks more like a walrus.
    • Icky does not seem to know what a puma is.
  • Dax's statement at 3:07 is incorrect; the Red team's original jeep did not contain a gauss turret.

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Sandguardians Rooster Teeth Special (Part 1)

Sandguardians Rooster Teeth Special (Part 1)