Allan S3
Voice Actor(s) BaltaSucks
Status Active
First Appearance Insight to the Past
Occupation Guardians
Affiliation(s) Guardians; ONC (formerly)
Armor color(s) Steel with Orange trim
Weapons Sniper Rifle
Full name Unknown
"Hi, I got a distress call about someone needing a heroic resuce."
—Allan (Help Wanted)

Allan is a character in the machinima Sandguardians, first appearing during a flashback scene in the episode Insight to the Past. He is a Guardian and a friend of Nash, Seal, and McGrath. He was also partnered with Nash during his time as a scientist in the ONC.


Episode 39

Making a more prominent appearance during Help Wanted, Allan is shown to be a very friendly individual and is willing to go to great lengths to help his teammates. After Nash, Seal, Dax and Jason are captured by ONC soldiers, Allan is quick to save them, after receiving Nash's distress call. However, Allan is shown to be very blunt at times. When learning of Seal's second portion of the Life Saver, he scolds him for losing it. He then later scolds Seal again for nearly engaging in a fight with Legend, but attempts to talk to him afterward.

Allan also seems to care greatly for others, even those who he knows very little about. After rescuing the Sandbox troops from prison, Allan proceeds to give them all some insight on Seal's Life Saver and the Guardians' situation with Winters and the ONC. He then later tries to console Nash after Bernard insults her by bringing up McGrath's death. Ironically, Nash later ends up consoling Allan after the latter blames himself for doing nothing while McGrath was in danger.



While he was a scientist in the ONC, Allan worked alongside Nash and the two grew a strong friendship. During Help Wanted Nash was shown to be very excited upon seeing Allan again, and Allan seemed happy to her as well. The two even made jokes to one another, signifying their close relationship.


According to McGrath's message in Insight to the Past, Allan was McGrath's best friend, though the two have not yet been shown interacting.


  • As stated by McGrath in Insight to the Past, Allan is McGrath's best friend.
  • Allan is first depicted in the Halo: Reach engine and sports a CQB helmet and default chest and shoulder pauldrons.