Voice Actor(s) oo7nightfire
Status K.I.A
First Appearance Exposition
Occupation ONC Scientist (formerly)
Affiliation(s) ONC (formerly)
Armor color(s) White with Green trim
Weapons Battle Rifle, Magnum
Full name Arthur McGrath
"And Seal, you... you're the smartest, most compassionate, and courageous scientist I will ever cease to know. It has been an honor working with you."
—McGrath addressing Seal in his video message (Insight to the Past)

Arthur McGrath is a minor character in the machinima Sandguardians, first appearing in Episode 10 during a flashback scene. He was a best friend and colleague to Seal during their time as scientists for the Ordinance Nationality Corporation, and together created the Life Saver.

Character HistoryEdit

Creating the Life SaverEdit

Seal and McGrath with Life Saver

As Seal explained, McGrath was once a fellow scientist and friend to him, both making modified inventions in the ONC. He along with Seal came up with an invention called "Life Saver", which is a modified version of the Generator. As funds got low, McGrath suggested that he & Seal break away form the ONC and start their own business, but Seal refused & persuaded him to ask for more funding from the ONC. After nine weeks, the two scientists used half of the funds to work on 1 invention: the Life Saver. After much experimenting, the Life Saver was ready to be put on the market. However, ONC soldiers attacked, due to McGrath & Seal's abuse of funds. The scientists tried to fight back but failed. McGrath told Seal to escape with the Life Saver and that he will hold off the soldiers. Seal did so & promised to come back for him. Afterwards, McGrath was captured by the ONC and their lab was left destroyed. Seal states that he never saw McGrath again after that incident.

Video MessageEdit

McGrath's video message

Revealed in Insight to the Past, McGrath sent out a video message stating that the ONC have captured him. In the video, he tells Seal to protect the Life Saver and find help. He also tells Allan, Nash, and Mickey to find Seal and secure the Life Saver before the ONC get to him. During the video's ending, McGrath confesses his love towards Nash and begins firing at opposing ONC soldiers.


  • Although most pronunciations of the word "McGrath" is: (mic-grah-th) or (mic-graw), the pronunciation of McGrath's name is (mic-graw-th).
  • Although Seal states that McGrath was the best Guardian he knew, McGrath never actually became a Guardian, due to the fact that he was captured by the ONC. Seal may have implied that if McGrath was a Guardian, he would've been a great one.