Bernard S3-2
Voice Actor(s) Jack HF
Status Active
First Appearance A Hero Down
Occupation Brigadier
Colonel (formerly)
Affiliation(s) ONC
Armor color(s) Khaki with Brown trim
Weapons Shotgun
Full name (first name unknown) Bernard

Brigadier Bernard is a character first appearing in the Season 2 finale, A Hero Down. He was seen spying on Dax, Jason, Nash, and Seal at Avalanche, and was accompanied by many of his men. During his reconnaissance, Bernard contacted his superior, Chancellor Winters, and was told to capture the four Guardians.


Bernard is a clever, confident, and somewhat sarcastic individual, being very unintimidated by others and possesses good leadership skills. Numerous members of the ONC respect him, as well as Chancellors Winters and Sydney, citing him as one of the ONC's best soldiers. Bernard also uses intimidation and emotional manipulation to overpower his enemies, such as when he interrogates Legend and Ichabod in From Bad to Worse or when he brought Nash to tears in We're in the Club Now. Bernard's fighting prowess is also good, as he was able to capture Seal, Nash, Dax, and Jason, though he has yet to be actually seen in battle.


  • Bernard serves as the secondary antagonist of Season 3.
  • Nash commonly refers to Bernard as a 'bulldog'.