Sandguardians Episode
"Beyond the Mysterious Beyond"
Sandguardians Episode 6
Episode no. 6
Airdate August 4, 2011 (Original)
January 1, 2012 (Remastered)
Running time 4:08

Sandguardians Season 1
November 27, 2011 - April 21, 2012

  1. Welcome to Sandbox!
  2. It Came From Above
  3. Did I Do That?
  4. The Mysterious Beyond
  5. Maintenance
  6. Beyond the Mysterious Beyond
  7. Reese's Pieces
  8. Manual Labor
  9. Strange Encounters
  10. Exposition
  11. The Guy in White
  12. Another One Down
  13. Planning Ahead
  14. Insult and Injury
  15. War Machine
  16. Go, Go, Go!

Beyond the Mysterious Beyond is the sixth episode of the machinima Sandguardians.


Still chanting, the Blues run off into the hills. They stop and finally find the destroyed Banshee. While Legend & Dax investigate the Banshee's cockpit, Legend orders Icky & Jason to inspect the Banshee's hood. Jason agrees but Ichabod refuses, due to Legend calling him "Icky" once again. Jason reluctantly convinces him to help him inspect the hood, in which Icky agrees. The two discover a number of peculiar things: dents on the hood's lower right-hand side & bullet holes. Meanwhile, Legend angrily asks Dax where the alien had went, in which Dax tells him that he is unsure. Legend then orders Dax to return back to base & secure it. Dax reluctantly agrees.

As Dax heads back to base, Jason & Icky tell Legend about their discoveries. The three conclude that something was firing at the Banshee and the alien may be roaming around. Suddenly, Dax screams from inside the base, alarming the other Blues outside. Legend, Jason, & Icky all flee back to base in order to help their teammate.


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Differences between Original version and Remastered versionEdit

Original Remastered
Running Time: 4:36 Running Time: 4:08
Video resolution up to 720p Video resolution up to 480p
Does not include Dax or Ichabod Includes Dax and Ichabod
Original dialogue New/added dialogue
Contains no music Contains music

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Sandguardians Episode 6

Sandguardians Episode 6