Voice Actor(s) Himself
Status Non-canon
First Appearance A Message From the Big Boys
Occupation Vehicle/Warthog
Affiliation(s) Blood Gulch Red Team
Armor color(s) Gun Metal Green
Full name M12 LRV
"I'd ditch your ass too, if you were that annoying."
—Chupathingy to Ichabod in Birthday Bash!

Chupathingy is a non-canon character, first appearing in the special episode A Message From the Big Boys.


Being considered a character from Red vs. Blue, Chupathingy was sent to Sandbox by Rooster Teeth in order to help improve Sandguardians. He played a significant role during the Sandguardians Rooster Teeth Special and reappeared in the special Birthday Bash!. While Dax seems to appreciate Chupathingy's company, Ichabod greatly dislikes him.


  • The Chupathingy that appears in Sandguardians seems to be the warthog from the Recollections Trilogy of Red vs. Blue, as it has a Gauss turret rather than a Machine Gun turret.