Voice Actor(s) oo7nightfire
Status K.I.A.
First Appearance Revolution
Last Appearance Revolution
Occupation ONC Avalanche Guard
Affiliation(s) ONC
Armor color(s) Silver with Steel trim and red detail
Weapons Assault Rifle, Heavy Machine Gun
Full name Unknown
"Ya ever wonder if the ONC are the bad guys in this whole situation? Ya know, between them and those Guardians?"
—Diablo speaking to Jeremy (Revolution)

Diablo is a minor character and guard affiliated with the ONC, first appearing in Revolution.


Diablo makes his only appearance in the episode Revolution, where he is seen guarding an old ONC facility with his partner Jeremy. While on duty, Diablo questions his affiliation with the ONC and wonders if they are the bad guys. Suddenly, Seal and Nash attack the building, in which Diablo and Jeremy man their turrets and fire back at them. However, Seal and Nash manage to kill Jeremy with a grenade, leaving Diablo in despair over his death. Unfortunately, Diablo is killed with a grenade shortly afterwards.


Despite his brief appearance, Diablo has expressed a unique personality. He has a very curious and philosophical outlook on things and questions whether the people he is working for, the ONC, are good or bad. Diablo also seems to know when trouble is afoot, and seems to be very skilled in battle. In addition, Diablo is shown to have a southern accent.


Diablo has shown to harness a great amount of skill in battle. In Episode 27, he was able to sense Seal and Nash nearby and prepared himself accordingly. When the Guardians did attack, Diablo excitedly ran towards his turret and began firing. However, he was unable to kill Nash or Seal and eventually died from a grenade.


  • Diablo's name was never mentioned in the series; creator oo7nightfire named the character himself due to his own liking of him.
  • Diablo seems to have a southern accent, making him the third character in the series to have one, after Legend and the HQ Operator.