Major Johnson
Voice Actor(s) oo7nightfire
Status Active
First Appearance Dawn
Occupation ONC Major
Affiliation(s) ONC
Armor color(s) Silver with Tan trim ("Dawn")
Silver with Steel trim ("From Bad to Worse")
Weapons Battle Rifle, Taser
Full name Johnson (last name)
"But Sir, human augmentation is prohibited without UNSC jurisdiction. Isn’t this illegal?"
—Johnson to Winters (Early in the Mourning)

Major Elijah Johnson is a high-ranking ONC soldier, first appearing in the episode Dawn, where he and his team interrogated and arrested the Sandbox Reds and Blues. Afterwards, he informs his superiors of Haku's death and accompanies Brigadier Bernard in further interrogating the teams.


Johnson is a very disciplined and loyal soldier. During his first appearance, he was shown to take command of his team and intimidate Legend and Ichabod. He also seems to be well respected by his troops and the Chancellors, but is also intimidated by Winters.


  • Continuity Error: During his first appearance, Johnson had Tan colored shoulders. However, during From Bad to Worse, he had steel colored shoulders, similar to low-ranking ONC foot soldiers.