The Guardians
Guardian insignia
The Guardian Insignia
Voice Actor(s) Various
Status Active
First Appearance Welcome to Sandbox!
Occupation Freedom Fighters; Scientists; Soldiers
Affiliation(s) Guardians
Armor color(s) Various
Weapons Various
"As a Guardian, I will do whatever it takes to fight for justice, or destroy the law in the process."
Seal speaking the Guardian code to Nash (Mistaken Identity)

The Guardians are a group of independent freedom fighters broken off from the scientific division of the ONC, and serve as a main factor in the series.


After the Great War, the Ordinance Nationality Corporation was created, in order for the UNSC to defend themselves while they rebuilt. It consisted of both human and Elite forces, in order to both strengthen the military alliance and bring the two species closer together. However, the mix between humans and aliens led to conflict, with both sides segregating the other.

Certain soldiers of humans and Elites in the scientific division of the ONC, fortunately, were able to work together. However, because their inventions and experiments proved to be costly and useless, many scientists, both Elite and human, were laid off. Many other scientists began seeing the trend and realized that the ONC didn't want inventions that helped society, but instead wanted better functioning weapons. These certain soldiers did not see this as right and were laid off as a result.

Inception of the GuardiansEdit

After losing many scientists, the ONC began taking the inventions of the discharged scientists and used them for military purposes. Feeling that they have been used, the discharged soldiers, consisting of both humans and Elites, banned together and created a group called, the "Guardians", whose main purpose was to bring down the ONC for their injustice and lies. This in turn caused a civil war between the empirical ONC and the rebellious Guardians.