HQ Operator
Voice Actor(s) oo7nightfire
Status Active
First Appearance Service Unavailable
Occupation Communications Operator
Affiliation(s) ONC Headquarters
Armor color(s) None
Weapons None
Full name Unknown

The HQ Operator is a radio operator for the ONC headquarters and assists both the Sandbox Blue Team and Red Team. He first appeared in Service Unavailable, but only made a vocal appearance.


When speaking with Legend, the operator expressed his anger towards Legend for causing him so much trouble. Legend, however, fired back at the operator and corrected him on many points. Afterwards, the operator told Legend that because their recent engineer has died, they could no longer assist him and his team with their tank and proceeded to log off.

The operator seemed to act very polite when speaking with Claire, but became confused at the fact that Red Team received an engineer even though they never called in for one and stated that he needed to make some phone calls. He later appointed Claire as the Sergeant/Commanding Officer of her team.


  • The operator is portrayed as a typical telemarketer: being unhelpful, straightforward, and a bit angry. The operator also appears to have a southern accent, ironically, similar to Legend's.