Chancellor Winters S3
Voice Actor(s) JP025 (Season 3-Present)
oo7nightfire (A Hero Down)
Status Active
First Appearance A Hero Down (voice)
Imprisoned (Physical)
Occupation Chancellor
Affiliation(s) ONC
Armor color(s) Silver with Cobalt Trim
Weapons SMG
Full name Heinrich Winters
"My word of advice: never be on the losing team!"
—Winters to Dax and Jason (Imprisoned)

Chancellor Heinrich Winters is the head chancellor of the Ordinance Nationality Corporation and makes a vocal appearance in the episode A Hero Down, and later physically appears in Imprisoned. He has a German accent and serves as the main antagonist of Season 3.


Being the head of the ONC, Winters is commanding, patient, and calculating, immediately bringing a sense of order and danger when entering a room. Winters is also shown to be very intimidating, as he is able to keep his composure when talking to Seal and Nash during Imprisoned, while the two lash out their emotions towards him, but Winters is left unphased.