Voice Actor(s) onunka16
Status K.I.A
First Appearance Revolution
Last Appearance Revolution
Occupation ONC Avalanche Guard
Affiliation(s) ONC
Armor color(s) Silver with Steel trim and Blue detail
Weapons Assault Rifle, Heavy Machine Gun
Full name Unknown
"I joined the ONC because my brother died during the Great War. So, I felt obligated to honor him in some way. But I never thought the people I’d be working for would be the bad guys."
—Jeremy to Diablo (Revolution)

Jeremy is a minor character and guard affiliated with the ONC, first appearing in Revolution.


Jeremy makes his only appearance in the episode Revolution, where he is seen guarding an old ONC facility with his partner Diablo. While on duty, Diablo questions Jeremy about their affiliation with the ONC and wonders if they are the bad guys. Jeremy responds saying he joined the ONC to honor his brother.

Suddenly, Seal and Nash attack the building, in which Diablo and Jeremy man their turrets and fire back at them. However, Seal and Nash manage to kill Jeremy with a grenade, leaving Diablo in despair over his death. Unfortunately, Diablo is killed with a grenade shortly afterwards.


Unlike Diablo, Jeremy appears to be very timid, but is open to other people's opinions and outlooks. He is also not as philisophical as Diablo, and seems contempt to the way things are.


Jeremy has shown to harness a great amount of skill in battle, specifically when using a turret. However, in Episode 27, he was unable to kill Nash or Seal and eventually died from a grenade.