Mickey S3
Voice Actor(s) oo7nightfire
Status Deceased
First Appearance Soldiers on the Loose
Insight to the Past (Mentioned)
Occupation Guardian
Affiliation(s) Guardians, ONC (formerly)
Armor color(s) Steel with White trim
Weapons Carbine, Plasma Rifle, Magnum
Full name Unknown
"You know, I was having doubts about how strong you guys were. Thanks for proving me wrong."
—Mickey regarding the Sandbox troops in Early in the Mourning

Mickey is a Guardian first mentioned in the episode Insight to the Past. According to the episode, Mickey was McGrath's friend and the latter even considered him the "funniest man he ever met.", indicating that Mickey was a comedic person. Mickey later makes a physical, and more prominent, appearance in the Season 3 episode Soldiers on the Loose.


During his first appearance, Mickey is shown to be a very comedic person, just as McGrath described him as. In Soldiers on the Loose, Mickey is shown constantly making witty remarks with Bartholomew and seems to have a somewhat playful persona. Mickey is also a very strong individual, as shown with his armor permutations. He fights his enemies as if he is playing a game, competing with Bartholomew to see who can get the most kills.

In addition to his skill and humor, Mickey is also very self-confident and friendly. When interacting with the Sandbox troops, Mickey trains them hard but fair, wanting to improve their fighting prowess and stamina. During Heated, Mickey is shown to not tolerate quitters as he criticized Jason for making excuses and argued with Ichabod and Gates for wanting to take a break. In the following episode however, after Dax collapses, Mickey expressed concern over the Reds' and Bues' well-being and allowed Miller and Claire to leave by showing them a hidden sewer passage at DotCom. Mickey was also about to inform the other Sandbox troops of the sewer passage if Claire had not stopped him, showing that he cares for the Sandbox troops.

Mickey also respects and cares deeply for his friends as he showed distraught over McGrath's death and sympathy for Nash. In addition, Mickey is very loyal to his fellow Guardians as he is willing to take orders from Allan and Nash without question and quickly informs them of new information.

Overall, Mickey is a skilled fighter and good-hearted individual, showing respect to those who deserve it and displaying a great deal of confidence without being overly cocky.


  • Mickey is inspired by the characters of Tex and York from the popular web-series, Red vs. Blue.