Voice Actor(s) oo7nightfire
Status K.I.A.
First Appearance Substitution
Last Appearance Substitution
Occupation Engineer (Level 7)
Affiliation(s) ONC Headquarters
Armor color(s) Steel with Cobalt trim
Weapons Magnum
Full name Ollie Johnson

Engineer Ollie Johnson is a minor charcter in the machinima Sandguardians. He first appears in Substitution being delivered to Sandbox Blue base.


Similar to Thomas, Ollie is a nerdy, stubborn, know-it-all. He also seems to be very selfish, as in Episode 19, he shows little remorse towards his pilot when he is killed, simply stating "There goes my ride home." He tells the Guy in White that he is a level seven engineer when meeting him, as well as telling him that he is exceptionally well at his job. However, when the Guy in White threatens to kill him, Ollie is brought to utter tears, begging for mercy until he is killed.

During his conversation with the pilot, he is shown to have some knowledge of the Guardian Towers and how they operate.


  • Ollie's name is a reference to late Disney animator Ollie Johnston, the last surviving member of Disney's "Nine Old Men."
  • Thomas and Ollie show similar traits in personality and appearance. The two are both somewhat stubborn & very nerdy and the two both don CQB helmets, due to the fact that they're engineers. However, because Ollie is a "Level 7" engineer, as opposed to a "Level 5" like Thomas, he dons an extra Scout chest and Recon shoulder paldrons, displaying his superiority in rank. This is similar to the armor chest plate differences of Legend and Wilbur.