Ordinance Nationality Corporation
The ONC insignia
Voice Actor(s) Various
Status Active
First Appearance Welcome to Sandbox!
Occupation Combat and Research Organization
Affiliation(s) ONC
Armor color(s) Various
Weapons Various
Full name Ordinance Nationality Corporation

The Ordinance Nationality Corporation, ONC for short, is an organization that is affiliated with the UNSC and serves as a major significance to the plot of the series. The purpose of the ONC was to build a new army of soldiers, consisting of both humans and Elites, for the next generation, in case of a possible future war. It was also meant to bring humans and Elites together, in order to gain the others' trust.


When the Great War had ended, members of the UNSC decided to further defend themselves, in case of a future attack. As a result, the Ordinance Nationality Corporation was created, in order for the UNSC to defend themeselves while they rebuild. The ONC consisted of both human and Elite forces, in order to both strengthen the miltary alliance and bring the two species closer together. However, the mix between humans and aliens led to conflict, with both sides segregating the other.

Second Chance ProgramEdit

During the period of the ONC's inception, the leading members contemplated on how they would bring soldiers to join their organization. The "Second Chance Program", first mentioned in Episode 21, answered this problem. The purpose of the program was to give soldiers who wanted to fight in the Great War a chance to fight for a possible future war. As a result of this bases, overlooked by ONC Headquarters, were set up across the planet in order to let soldiers prove themselves on the battlefield. Although some soldiers were convinced by this purpose, other soldiers saw it as unnecessary. The ONC tried to further lure people into joinng by persuading that "they themselves can become heroes" and "they can avenge the ones that died".