Voice Actor(s) oo7nightfire
Status Deceased
First Appearance Substitution
Occupation Hornet Pilot
Affiliation(s) Ordinance Nationality Corporation
Armor color(s) White with Sage trim

This unnamed Pilot first appeared in Episode 19, transporting Engineer Ollie to Sandbox Blue base. He was soon killed by the Guardian Towers as he tries to leave the area.


The pilot seems to have a very doubtful and nervous personality, due to the fact that he felt threatened by the Guardian Towers. He expresses his fear when talking to Engineer Ollie, although he did attempt to hide his emotions at first. Ollie told him not to worry and the Guardian Towers are most likely off. The pilot trusts Ollie and begins to leave the canyon, but still retains his nervous attitude. Unfortunately, the pilot is killed by the Guardian Towers just as he leaves.