Sandguardians Episode
"Plan B"
Seal and Nash
Episode no. 28
Airdate June 26, 2013
Running time 7:23

Sandguardians Season 2
June 25, 2012 - August 12, 2013

  1. The Adventure Begins
  2. Conduit Connection
  3. Substitution
  4. High in the Sky
  5. Service Unavailable
  6. Mistaken Identity
  7. Insight to the Past
  8. Secrets Revealed
  9. Truth of the Legend
  10. The Battle Rages On
  11. Revolution
  12. Plan B
  13. White Light
  14. Loved and Lost
  15. Ghosts That Linger
  16. A Hero Down

Plan B is the twelfth episode of the second season of Sandguardians and the twenty-eighth overall.


At the facility, Seal and Dax perform a distraction for Jason and Nash by getting the attention of two ONC guards. The two guards spot and engage them in a Hornet, as Dax and Seal flee in a warthog. Meanwhile, Nash and Jason secretly take an alternate route to the opposite facility, where Jason expresses his concern about the mission. Suddenly, the two spot Seal and Dax approaching the facility in the warthog. They all successfully manage to enter the facility safely. After Seal confirms it to be the correct facility, the four spot a strange passageway to an underground chamber. So, Nash suggests that her and Jason go down the pathway while Dax and Seal stand guard on the surface. Reluctant at first, Seal agrees to the method.

At Sandbox, Miller spots Ichabod grab the tank starter from the upper cave and begins to panic. He tells Claire about this, but the latter ignores him. Miller confronts Claire about her silence but continues to be ignored by her. Meanwhile, inside the Red base, Gates and Thomas talk, while Thomas heals Gates' back. During their conversation, Gates brings up his frustration over his team and reveals his plans of going AWOL after his back is fully recovered. Thomas becomes shocked by this and tells him that he must get confirmation from his sergeant. Gates, nonetheless, accepts this fact but will not act on it. After Thomas finishes, Gates tells Thomas not to inform anyone about his motives. Thomas, feeling burdened by his plans, tells Gates that Claire was the only one who believed his story, in hopes to convince him to stay.



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  • The tank starter is represented as a flamethrower.
  • After 26 episodes of it being hidden, the Blues finally regain control of their starter.

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Sandguardians Episode 28

Sandguardians Episode 28