Sandbox acts as the main setting for the events in the machinima series Sandguardians. The area is inhabited by two ONC simulated teams: a Red Team and a Blue Team.


Sandbox is entirely a desert environment containing two symmetric bases, both having equal components and structure; the main difference being in color. A cave is located at the side of Sandbox and a hill is located on the opposite side.

Guardian TowersEdit

Guardian Tower 2

Surrounding the battlefield are numerous, dangerous monoliths called "Guardian Towers". In the series, the towers have been shown to be extremely deadly and fire at an alarmingly fast rate. When a person passes a designated area of Sandbox the Guardian towers begin to detect said person. If the person remains outside the battlefield zone the towers fire at the target until it is eliminated. However, according to the episode Go, Go, Go!, the structure of the bases are able to withstand the blasts from the Guardian towers.


  • The map used in the series is actually a variation of Blood Gulch and was created by KHAOS139. The map was then downloaded off by creator oo7nighfire, in order to simply get the series started. Various elements of KHAOS139's map were added and removed by oo7nightfire in order to make the map more original for the series. The map created by KHAOS139 can be found here.