Sandguardians Episode
Miller and Gates stranded
Episode no. Special
Airdate May 25, 2013
Running time 4:26

Sandguardians Season 2
June 25, 2012 - August 12, 2013

  1. The Adventure Begins
  2. Conduit Connection
  3. Substitution
  4. High in the Sky
  5. Service Unavailable
  6. Mistaken Identity
  7. Insight to the Past
  8. Secrets Revealed
  9. Truth of the Legend
  10. The Battle Rages On
  11. Revolution
  12. Plan B
  13. White Light
  14. Loved and Lost
  15. Ghosts That Linger
  16. A Hero Down

Stranded is a special episode of Sandguardians, in which Claire and Thomas try to contact Miller and Gates, who are stranded on an island.


In an attempt to contact Miller and Gates, Claire finds out that the two are involved in a peculiar predicament.


Red TeamEdit


  • This special marks the first time the characters are seen in the Halo 4 engine.
  • Guardian insignias can be seen on Gates' and Miller's armor.

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Sandguardians Special Stranded

Sandguardians Special Stranded